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14K Gold Birthstone Necklace: Ethically Crafted

14K Gold Birthstone Necklace: Ethically Crafted

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Discover the captivating history behind your birthstone with our exquisite Peacebomb Birthstone Necklace. Delve into the timeless connection between gemstones and birthdates.

Ethically Crafted with Sophistication

  • Featuring our signature Peacebomb Metal encased in a 14k gold bezel
  • Suspended from a 16" 14k gold chain
  • Custom chain lengths available upon request
  • Every diamond is Kimberley Process Certified for ethical sourcing

Supporting Artisan Livelihoods and Community Initiatives

Each purchase contributes to traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, and community initiatives, including de-mining efforts led by MAG. Your investment helps clear unexploded bombs from Laotian landscapes, creating a safer, more sustainable future.

Meaningful Impact with Every Purchase

  • $415 spent on gemstones clears 25m² of Laotian land
  • $445 invested in diamonds clears 27m²
  • Your purchase contributes to a safer, more sustainable future

Elegant Addition to Your Collection

Choose our Birthstone Necklace for an elegant and impactful addition to your jewelry collection. Rest assured, if your preferred stone is unavailable, we'll notify you promptly for a seamless experience.

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