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Peace Necklace: Sacred Geometry Talisman Pendant

Peace Necklace: Sacred Geometry Talisman Pendant

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Delve into the essence of interconnectedness and unity with "The Peace Begins in Me" collection. Embrace the symbolism of sacred geometry patterns that transcend cultures and echo through nature, art, and design.

  • Crafted with precision in sterling silver or 14K gold
  • Features an engraved charm in the signature peacebomb metal
  • Symbolizes interconnectedness through the Fruit of Life and Flower of Life patterns
  • Represents unity and transition between dimensions with the 13-circle pattern
  • Embrace higher consciousness with the Chromatic scale's transformative 13th note

Engraved with Angela Lindvall's powerful mantra, "I am love, I am light, I am peace," this talisman serves as a constant reminder of inner peace and universal love.

Choose Your Path to Peace:

  • Silver pendant on an 18" chain - $140 contribution clears 11m² of Laotian landscape
  • Gold pendant on a 16" chain - $400 contribution clears 25m² of Laotian landscape

Pair the pendant with our signature or additional pieces to amplify your message of peace and support traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods and community projects. Your purchase aids ongoing efforts to clear unexploded bombs, with donations benefiting MAG (Mines Advisory Group).

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