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Reliquary Raven Skull Talisman Necklace

Reliquary Raven Skull Talisman Necklace

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Alchemy of England

Embrace the allure of ancient lore with the Alchemy of England's Reliquary Raven Skull. This meticulously crafted artifact brims with historic symbolism and a sense of mystique. Following the traditions of Mithras, the raven has been interpreted as a potent symbol of initiation into the more profound, enigmatic mysteries of life.

The Raven Skull serves as a sacred talisman, providing a tangible connection to history and spiritual wisdom. A steady guide in tumultuous times, this relic is designed to navigate through life's maelstrom. Made from high-quality resin, it boasts a captivating, lifelike appearance that echoes the eerie beauty of its natural counterpart.

With approximate dimensions of 1.18" width, 0.91" height, and 2.36" depth, and a feather-light weight of just 0.04 lbs, the Raven Skull is a compact yet impactful piece. It's an exceptional addition to any collection or a unique gift for those drawn to the mystical and historic artifacts.

Key Features:

  • Mithras-Inspired Design: The Raven Skull is based on the symbolism used by followers of Mithras, adding a layer of historic significance and allure to the piece.
  • Sacred Talisman: It serves as a powerful talisman, guiding users through life's many challenges and mysteries.
  • High-Quality Resin Construction: The Raven Skull is made from superior resin, ensuring durability while maintaining a lifelike appearance.
  • Compact and Lightweight: With dimensions of 1.18" x 0.91" x 2.36" and a weight of 0.04 lbs, it's a compact and lightweight addition to any collection or display.
  • Intriguing Conversation Piece: Its mystique and historical significance make it an intriguing conversation piece for your home or office.
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