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The Pomona Necklace: A Masterpiece of Elegance and Grace

The Pomona Necklace: A Masterpiece of Elegance and Grace

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The World Of INDAH

Indulge in the allure of unique craftsmanship with The Pomona Necklace. This exquisite piece features:

  • Handcrafted chain for a touch of elegance
  • Versatile design that can be worn alone or layered for a dramatic look
  • Adjustable extender to ensure a perfect fit

Each loop of this necklace is meticulously interconnected using ancient techniques, symbolizing beauty and grace. The Pomona Necklace is a true masterpiece from INDAH, crafted by talented artisans in Indonesia.

Elevate your style and empower yourself with this timeless piece, designed to harmonize your chakras and connect with your higher self. The necklace is blessed in a traditional Indonesian ceremony to bring abundance and positive energy to the wearer.

How to Wear Your Pomona Necklace:

  1. Find a moment of calmness to set your intentions
  2. Embrace the healing powers of your INDAH gems

Our Favorite Pairings:

For a truly enchanting look, pair The Pomona Necklace with:

  • JASMIN Necklace
  • HORUS Necklace
  • PURNAMA Necklace

Or mix and match with the GODDESS Body Chain, AJA Bangle, and EOS DRUZY Ring for a unique style statement.

Product Details:

  • Necklace Length: 42cm
  • Extender Length: 8cm

Product Care:

To preserve the beauty of your INDAH gems, store The Pomona Necklace in the provided velvet pouch and avoid contact with water or chemicals. Refer to our care guide for detailed instructions on maintenance.

Embrace timeless beauty and make a statement with The Pomona Necklace, a true symbol of elegance and grace.

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