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Handmade Amber Mala Necklace for Spiritual Journeying

Handmade Amber Mala Necklace for Spiritual Journeying

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The World Of INDAH

  • Enhance spiritual exploration and dream work
  • Clarity of mind and spiritual development
  • Aids in meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Promotes focus, peace, and tranquility
  • Regulate blood pressure for overall well-being
  • Features grounding agate for stability and emotional balance
  • Handcrafted with care and intention for sustainability
  • Indonesian artisan jewelry with recycled metals and genuine gemstones
  • Blessed in a traditional Indonesian ceremony for abundance and positive energy
  • Supports charitable organizations with a portion of sales

How to Wear Your AMBER MALA Necklace: Calm your mind and set intentions to activate healing powers.

Our Favorite Pieces to Pair: CHANDI Ring and HARMONY MALA Bracelet


Necklace Length: 84cm

Tassel Length: 9cm

Crystal Properties:

Each freshwater pearl (6-7mm) embodies the earth's essence, adding uniqueness to your design.

Product Care: Store in provided velvet pouch, avoid water or chemicals, refer to care guide for maintenance tips.

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