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Recycled Ball Necklace: Crafted for Peace & Purpose

Recycled Ball Necklace: Crafted for Peace & Purpose

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  • Handcrafted with recycled aluminum parts
  • 1" Pendant with a 30" Adjustable Cord
  • Available in Olive Green, Black, or Red cord options
  • Meticulously handmade in Laos

Embrace the powerful message behind our Recycled Ball Necklace, a stunning piece that not only makes a style statement but also carries a profound significance. Each necklace is a tangible symbol of turning the horrors of war into a beacon of peace and hope.

Artisans in Laos, a country deeply scarred by conflict, skillfully craft these necklaces from aluminum sourced from airplane parts and dropped during the Secret War. By wearing this necklace, you not only adorn yourself with a unique piece of jewelry but also support a community that is reclaiming its past and shaping a brighter future.

Every necklace is a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Lao artisans who have transformed destructive remnants into beautiful adornments. With each purchase, you contribute to the livelihood of these artisans and help raise awareness about the lasting impact of war.

Elevate your style while making a difference with our Recycled Ball Necklace – a fusion of artistry, history, and a powerful message of peace.

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