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Night Sky Pendant Necklace with Authentic Meteorite

Night Sky Pendant Necklace with Authentic Meteorite

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Yugen Handmade

  • Embrace the beauty of the cosmos with this unique pendant necklace featuring authentic Campo del Cielo meteorite.
  • The organic design captures the essence of a night sky, creating a celestial statement piece.
  • Each meteorite is raw and chunky, adding a touch of authenticity and individuality to every necklace.
  • Handcrafted to perfection, no two pieces are exactly alike, making yours one-of-a-kind.


  • Pendant Size: 1" / 25mm
  • Meteorite Size: Approximately 0.3" / 8mm
  • Chain Length: 18" / 46cm
  • Material: Rhodium plated brass, authentic Campo del Cielo Meteorite

Please Note: Meteorite contains nickel and iron, which may not be suitable for individuals with metal sensitivities.

Care Instructions: Avoid exposing the necklace to water to maintain its pristine condition.

Contribution to Space Exploration: A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will support space exploration and research initiatives.

Production Time: Kindly refer to our production timeline before placing your order.

Authenticity: Each necklace comes with authentication information for your peace of mind.

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