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Lilith Pendant - Embrace Mythical Empowerment

Lilith Pendant - Embrace Mythical Empowerment

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Alchemy of England

Embody the divine power with our Lilith Pendant, an emblem of the original emancipated woman of myth. Evoking the iconography of Eve, from biblical and Babylonian tales, revered and feared for her strength and independence.

The pendant bears the distinctive etched sigil and crescent moon symbol of Lilith, reflecting her luminary origins and powerful symbolism. This striking piece is carefully handcrafted in England using fine English antiqued pewter, giving it a unique vintage aesthetic. Its detailed design and quality materials make it a unique accessory that adds a touch of enigma to any attire.

The pendant dangles elegantly from a nickel-free chain, fastened with a secure clasp. This piece is more than just a piece of jewelry, it's a token of feminine power and independence.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted pendant with Lilith's etched sigil and crescent moon symbol
  • Made from fine English antiqued pewter for a vintage look and feel
  • Pendant dimensions: Width 0.91
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