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In Your Body Quote Tag Necklace: Style with Purpose

In Your Body Quote Tag Necklace: Style with Purpose

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Step out in style and make a statement with our "In Your Body is a Good Place to Be" Quote Tag Necklace. This elegant piece serves as a daily reminder to cherish yourself and your body, inspired by the insightful mantra of artist Beatrix Ost.

Key Features:

  • Each diamond is Kimberley Process Certified for ethical and responsible sourcing
  • Support traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, and community endeavors
  • Contribute to de-mining efforts in Laos through MAG (Mines Advisory Group)
  • Every $185 spent clears 12m² of Laotian landscape
  • Clear 18m² of Laotian landscape for only $290

Join us in creating a positive impact with every purchase, embodying the essence of our mantras with purpose. Elevate your style while supporting a worthy cause - because in your body truly is a good place to be.

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