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Dappled Sunlight Bracelet

Dappled Sunlight Bracelet

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Jenson Natural Jewelry

This bracelet is made with high-quality Moss Agate, Green Aventurine, Aquamarine, Cloud Quartz & Wood Opal stones which bring abundance and calming energy to the wearer. Inspired by the way the light dances among the trees in my yard in northern WI.

Moss Agate is a variety of Chalcedony, clear to milky white to dark green, with inclusions that appear in patterns similar to moss or lichen. The inclusions are of manganese or iron, and typically appear in light yellow-green to blue-green to deep moss green. Historically, Moss Agate has been considered a crystal of agricultural abundance and used as a healing stone by tribal priests and as a talisman for warriors.

Green Aventurine is a green translucent quartz with glimmering metallic inclusions. Green is the most common color for Aventurine, but it can also occur as orange, brown, yellow, blue or gray. The color of Green Aventurine comes from Fushite particles within the quartz. It is known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” and thought to be the luckiest of all crystals.

Cloud Quartz centers your energy and removes distractions and negativity so that you can focus and relate to your physical world.

Wood Opal is petrified wood. Helps to make you feel safe and secure, calming down survival-based fears. It is useful for bringing patience to those in a process of slow inner transformation. It also strengthens your self-will.

Materials include:

  • 8mm Moss Agate, Blue Aventurine, Cloud Quartz & Wood Opal
  • silver-colored metal bead
  • strong elastic cord

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Note: Crystal descriptions are meant to support healing, not to provide prescription or healthcare information.

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